The Priceless Art


The Priceless Art

Tamil Kids Short Standalone Film Festival

The film is about a little boy named Shiva who hails from a needy family and the struggles he undergoes in life to satisfy his younger sister's medical needs for which he sells his own artworks on the streets while also tacking external interventions.


Siva / Sabir / Sundari


Mohamed Asif Hameed


Mohamed Asif Hameed


Mohamed Asif Hameed

Release Date:

Nov. 2, 2020

Vikhyat Swades 0

Mr Kumaar Adarsh ( UVT Cineplex )You had promised that you'll pay me after the film 'Nympho' is released. It has been months now and you have not paid. How far will you go denying me my hard earned money. I worked for you as an actor, as executive producer, spot boy , in Direction also even your coolie. I was committed and did everything you asked. Please be professional and pay my dues.


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