Chalti Ka Nam Gadi


Chalti Ka Nam Gadi - 5.00

Hindi Comedy

It is a story of three brothers. Brijmohan Sharma, with his two brothers Manmohan and Jagmohan runs a garage. The eldest brother Brijmohan hates women and doesn't allow any women or pictures of them in his garage. One day, while Manmohan is on the night shift, Renu comes to the garage seeking help as her car breaks down. He helps her. Both start meeting each other often and fall in love. Jagmohan meets Sheela, Renu's sister and likes her. Will these pairs be able to marry? What is the reason for Brijmohan's hatred for women? Watch the movie.


Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, Anoop Kumar


Anoop Sharma


Satyen Bose


Govind Moonis, Ramesh Pant

Release Date:

Jan. 1, 1958

Darpan Patel 5

Awesome movie.. Old is Gold


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